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About Sirena Group

The strongest partner in the North Atlantic seafood trade

We take pride in the strength of our relationships, having cultivated some of the longest-standing strategic partnerships – and friendships – with frozen-at-sea fishing vessels and processing plants all over the North Atlantic.

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"Sirena knows the marketplace. They know how to build the right bridge between the supplier and customer – and they are great people to work with."

Scott Nichols, CEO
M.V. Osprey Ltd, Canada

About Our Products

Unique access to a great product

Our close partnerships and investments in frozen-at-sea fishing vessels and processing plants give us unique access to considerable quantities of high-quality products. We specialise in delivering 100% natural products, free from additives, and we are able to guarantee our customers a consistent, stable supply.

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“Sirena gets us the quality we need when we need it. They take responsibility and solve problems – so sourcing issues never fall on us.”

Phil Steele, Purchasing & Sourcing Manager
Lyons Seafood, UK